Hello to fabulous you!

September 2, 2020 the moon is full in Mystical Pisces. Think magic. If you feel your way through confusion you will arrive at the truth.

Uranus is trine this moon, shaking up reality enough for you to see a new way through.

Stick with it Saturn is opposing nurturing Venus in Cancer- a commitment makes sense. 

Mars fires up this mix of energies with a square that has us truly questioning our values and being ready to defend our position.

Pisces is a wonderfully magical full moon. We can release all that holds us back from reaching our full potential. The clear Virgo Sun will light up all the sneaky ways we are sabotaging our progress and success. Be ready to capture what comes through. 

You can make a most effective plan right now. Visualize your perfect future to set your highest vibration.

Saturn is being sure to remind us of our responsibilities while opposite feel good Venus. A pull between home and work could be an issue right now. Venus is seeking harmony, security and connection while Saturn in Capricorn is all about work and foundation and a stiff upper lip. Both understand the importance of a legacy.

Mars is in a pressurized square to Saturn and Venus. Mars is a me first energy that acts before thinking. This is especially troublesome to Saturn, who works for years on the ultimate master plan. 

Saturn considers everything and Mars reacts to in the moment impulses. Can you imagine the argument these too could have?

  It will be enacted on the world stage. It can also be created in our own psyches, projected out on to others. Compromise and hard work will get you to the best future outcome.

On the 5th Mercury moves into Libra. Our minds will be on justice and harmony. This is great for relationships. If you meet someone now there will be a peaceful resonance.Your mind will be less critical and more open to socializing.

On the 6th Venus moves to Leo. Let the good times roll. Get your sweet self out of the shell. Let the warm glow of being you guide you to a happy place. “ He who laughs lasts” Make joy a priority.

Mars is going retrograde on the ninth. Backing up helps Mars ease off a bit and have a look over the last few months. Have you been putting your energy in the right place? Is the cause you fight for worth your efforts? Is there a healthy way to use up the angry frustrated energy? Exercise makes a huge difference for Mars. You can stay calm and cool if you let off steam physically.

Be sure to capture your master plan with the full impact of your own imagination. Visualize all the little details. Feel how you will feel when all is as it should be. Sooo grateful. You came here to make your preferences materialize. To create a unique life that fulfills you. When you do that I can do it to. We can all do it together in a’ we are one’ kinda way: Pisces Style. Blessed we be! Namaste

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