Monday, December 14. The new moon with a  total solar eclipse in truth seeking Sagittarius occurs at 8:17 am PST. This is a potent productive time. Mars is firing up this already firey time.  Courage rises in our hearts as we commit to new quests and dust off the truth. Ask and you shall receive. 

Neptune is still fogging up our glasses.  We can not see clearly at all times right now. Our deep spiritual selves are stirring though.  Neptune is squaring this moon and mercury in Sagittarius. We may think we have the answer but we don’t.  Retreat is necessary to clear your energy and tap into the otherworldly help available.

There may be a tendency to feel like we know it all with all this Sadge energy.  But we don’t.  Our hearts in the right place will guide us through these foggy waters.  Just know that you don’t have to know.  Not right now. 

What we can do well during this new moon is set the seeds of our intentions in fertile soil. We are all being shuttled to a new and brighter future.  It may not seem like that but this is where Sagittarius faith comes in handy.  

If the world was never going to be the same, but, you can make it into anything you want. What would that look like? More importantly, what would that feel like?  What do you want to know? What will you see? How will it be?

The south node of past karma is mixed into this stellium in Sagittarius.  It’s time to take a look at what has become of us.  What do you have in your bag of tricks earned in past incarnations? Maybe  gifts in communication or healing?  Ask yourself what you need to know and what you need to let go.

Our most important work can be done now in the realm of our thoughts and ideas.  Take a proper gander at the propaganda.  Are your thoughts your own?  Where do your beliefs come from? Do they need to change to get you to your amazing new future? 

Set your intentions down on paper this new moon.  Saturn and Venus give you the foresight to choose wisely and commit deeply.  What do you Value and how does that fit into your every day?

Our planet is ascending and we gotta go with her. Or we don’t . But lets. How exciting! This new world will come into focus very quickly this month.  As Earthbound Saturn and Jupiter head into Aquarius this week moving towards the great conjunction on the Solstice we are speeding towards a new unknown frontier.  If things are looking sci-fi now. Just wait to see what shows up.

Well wishes to you and your loved ones.  May your sight be clear and your heartlight bright.  The world needs your dreams to come true. Don’t give up but do let go. Endings are beginnings too.