On August third we have a Humanitarian full moon in Aquarius. It is squaring Uranus in Taurus for an electric ride into a brave new future timeline. What new future will you manifest? We are choosing our new world collectively. Freedom is fighting now -reach out a hand.

Saturn and Mercury are opposite. Structured Saturn of old can be stuck on tradition, don’t question authority. But I reserve the right to question Saturns ways, his authority, he did after all eat his children to gain their power. 

Mercury is in Cancer. A fierce and certain mother energy can be tapped into. Cancer is our home and feelings. It is our roots and our shelter.  Mothers protect in a way even fathers can’t fathom. Our survival instincts are strong now. Our ability to build a safe and cozy nest surrounded by loving support is top notch. Follow your fearless heart and let go of all that is no longer resonating with your highest path.

Saturn in his evolved form is concerned about legacies and leaving behind something of value. It gives us the discipline to achieve our dreams. If cautions us against foolish behaviors. It is moral and upright, a stellar Dad, he definitely does not eat his kiddos.

Saturn and Mercury are active this full moon in liberating Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo, ruler of children, inner and otherwise.  We can get in touch with our inner child and provide what was missing. We can heal our wounds. We can let our inner child out to play and so help let all children out. In Hollywood on July 31st -People gathered and they marched to free the children because child lives matter. 

Uranus in Taurus is shaking us out of our ruts. It’s kinda jarring, the unexpected always is. The square energy here adds tension, forcing us to grow. Shake off the shackles of the past and let go of what no longer works. Be open to fabulous surprises that lift you to the next level of growth effortlessly. Freedom is a necessity to Uranus. We can not live fully if we are not living freely.  What or who are you a slave too?  

Jupiter is in a lovely energetic pattern with Neptune. There is light weaving its way into the darkness. There is magic and beauty and joy. We are rich with gifts we have never used. Now the pace of our evolution is expanding. Our ability to hold space and call in better worlds is amped up. Our creativity is the key.  How can you add the magic of creativity into your every day? What new worlds are you creating?

Take time to capture your dreams in your journal this full moon. Keep track of these pivotal times.  Change begins with you. Call on your inner child to lead the way back to your dreams, they deserve to see the light of day. Free the children, start with you. Healers heal.