January 27- February 2, 2012:The Moon is full in Sun ruled Leo. The full moon shines a big bright light on all that we happily repress. It is our chance to get in touch with our true hearts desire. Our Authentic selves deserve a place on the stage. Mercury goes retrograde forcing a review and Venus moves into humanitarian Aquarius. The pressure is on, roll up your sleeves.

Venus and Pluto are feverishly collaborating in Capricorn. What is your passion? More importantly, what is your plan to fulfill that passion? Our true values are front and center, and with the Capricorn energy so pronounced our vision into the future is sober and clear. So think big. And think carefully. What is it you want to manifest with the time you have left on earth? 

Uranus and Mars are complicating matters. Uranus is already uncomfortable in stay the same Taurus. Mars does not enjoy its time in Taurus either, so slow to act. This is stressful to say the least. Frustration, anger, deal breakers. It’s happening. 

The Taurus energy can usually be counted on but with Uranus there, nothing can be counted on but change. If you feel like blowing up. Count to ten. Squares force growth. We are growing like pros right now. Deeply buried rage might just make an appearance. Resistance is futile.

Boss man Saturn, justice seeking Jupiter and the authentic Sun are all in opposition to this full moon. We are caught in a tug of war situation. This or that is what we feel but integration is what we need to accomplish. Uhg, integration is no funzies, almost impossible, but overdo and necessary. Jupiter and the Sun are having a hug in Aquarius. They agree, it’s time to save the world. Stand up for humanity. Speak your mind.

Luck will follow your efforts to make a difference for the greater good of all Earthlings. Send Light and Love to the planet, to the people. Burn off the planetary fear with your big beams of loving light. We came for this. Our tool belts are full of solutions that absolutely make a difference. You make a difference. Nice work. High Five.

Mercury is also going retrograde January 30 to February 21, 2021. You know the drill: review, renew, redo. All the re words have power in the retrograde. Look forward to finding lost things and putting to rest the undone. Avoid signing contracts, buying electronics and booking travel- lol, travel, remember that thing humans used to be able to do?

Venus moves into innovative Aquarius. The future is now. Or at least one version of it. Venus in Aquarius values humanity. Connects to the galactic nature of reality. Our values are morphing, our senses crackling. We know what we know. We can’t unknow it. Now, the question is: How will you be of service? What role can you play to assist the collective evolution of our planet?

This is a tumultuous time to be alive. It can be dramatic and difficult to see our way through. It is a challenge to hold space for peace and healing when all around us is fear and damaged health. 

Now is more important than ever for you to find your joy. Practice play. Lift up with laughter. Find beauty and truth and self expression. Open your precious heart. It’s time for some fun. Blessedly simple fun.