Image by Janosh

Full Moon in Gemini December 11, 2019 is the last full moon of 2019, the last of a decade. Now is your chance to use your clever mind to communicate what is in your prescious heart.  

Romantic Venus and loyal Saturn are hugging it out, appreciating the value of commitment and trust. Neptune hightens our awareness- pay attention to what you sense. Release what is not for your greater good. Full Moons help us let go.

Mercury went into Sagittarius we can make some serious forward progress in our thinking now. Truth, freedom, adventure. Evolution, expansion, expression. No filter fun is what you can expect with Mercury in Sagittarius.  Yes you may just put your foot in your mouth but your authentic self expression makes it so worth it. 

The Full Moon is on Wednesday December 11, 2020, at 12:12 pm Eastern. Gemini is opposing the Sagittarius Sun.  Now we can get in touch with our truth. We can see where we may be misrepresenting ourselves. We can also find clever ways to express much bigger truths. 

Gemini is a fun curious sign with the most to say. Think of a butterfly gently touching down on each new flower, sampling all that life has to offer. Put yourself out there and see what there is available.   The Gemini moon may just be the motivation you need to leave your comfy comfort zone. Our minds are nimble and hungry for more.

Saturn and Venus are forehead to forehead in Capricorn. Foundations can be set with an eye on long term success.  Commitmants are serious and long lasting. Your gaze is steady.

You may feel a bit sad or lonely if you are tapping into the emotional side of Saturn and Venus.  Just remember, the feelings will pass. You are worthy! You are deserving! You are Lovable! Now say: I am worthy! I am deserveing! I am lovable! It’s true. Keep reminding yourself.

Friday is a busy day.  Mars is all about metamorphisis in Scorpio. It connects with cosmic Neptune in Pisces. This is the energy that brings dreams into reality.  Fire up your fascination. Mars in Scorpio will help you focus like a lazer on each next step. Amazing things are born of this mix of energy. Complicated secrets are revealed.

Venus and Pluto in Capricorn connect on Friday as well. Pluto is digging deep and Venus wants to make sure there is value in all this excavation. Pluto assures Venus, the value is priceless. Understanding our deep subconscious motivation can help us act in our own best interest. Expect some revelations this day. Fun!

Saturday is more work.  The moon is opposing all that Capricorn energy. But, Sunday we have the most wonderful trine between Jolly Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus. Expect Sudden bursts of good fortune. Our lives expand, now we understand what we have been working towards.  It’s safe to let go of the reigns and trust what comes.

Wishing you a most prosperous Full moon in Gemini.  Let go of what is no longer useful to make room for all the Love, Joy and Abundance the Cosmos has to offer.  Many blessings.