The Moon is Full in Aries. Ka pow!  Self interest is natural now. Here is a chance to see how you really feel.  Brave, bold, certain.  Who couldn’t use a smidge of that? Chiron is fused with this Full moon in Aries: wounds around our sense of self come to the surface for healing.

Though this configuration ain’t easy it is productive.  The Moon and sun both square off with the stellium in Capricorn. Pluto is travelling the underworld revealing what we have turned away from. Truths we need to feel so we can heal.  Jupiter is shins bright benevolent beams of truth into the mix and Saturn is pushing us to take response-ability. Step up to the plate and commit.

Remember this is all going to be experienced from your point of view.  And there are as many perspectives as there are people. Mercury is in Scorpio now so we are all going to tend to think in more Scorpio ways.  Death is one of Scorpios most dwelled on topics:The great mystery.   Issues of betrayal,abandonment,control, and all things deep and complicated may be on your mind now.  Use this energy to do a deep dive into your very own darkness. Face your fears.

The moon is in the same degree as Chiron.  The wounded healer.  It is also the healer within us.  Wounds to your identity may be rising now. Humiliation, shame, guilt and misplaces blame are all likely to rise for your perusal.  What parts of the real you have you kept hidden away to gain approval or acceptance.  This is the part you need to feel.  What you feel you can heal.  

With the Aries energy you may feel uncharacteristically self assertive.  This is a double edged sword.  The energy is ripe for overdoing it.  You may just blow your top in an inappropriate situation.  Aries can tend to head off in their own direction without caring about

What someone else might need or want. There is a rushing energy that can create missteps and accidents. Forethought is always a good idea but when Mars rules Aries is in the mix instinct trumps consideration.  Be aware of this and you may be able to save your self some embarrassment.  

On the other hand speaking your mind from your heart can heal you on deep inner levels.  Perhaps you need to share your feelings.  Maybe a sternly worded letter would help.  

Your courage is significant and so are you.

There are blessings between Mars and Venus and Jupiter and Uranus during this Full Moon. Our efforts will heal our relationships in unexpected ways, suddenly, out of the blue. Let love lead the way. It will lead you to more Love.

Use this energy to prepare for the next new moon.  The next two weeks will clear the decks for  the best version of your highest life to manifest. There is much energy available for you to step into your power and be who you came here to be. Godspeed.