The new Moon in peace seeking Libra on October 16, 2020 is tense. Mercury retrograde in penetrating Scorpio gives us a chance to enter our very own underworld.  It’s fear facing time. How invigerating! Just in time for Halloween.

The new moon is in capricious Libra.  So sweet, you would think.  But this New Moon is complicated: Angry and confused.   Ever feel backed into a corner?  No time to think through your instinctual reaction.  This time is kinda like that.  Act.

The Cardinal signs are in a loud argument. All the neighbors can hear. There may not be anything left to reconcile.  What a big bad complicated wonderful gift it can be when all is lost. 

Now what? The question that will take you to the next best version of your most fabulous life.

Mars in bold Aries is firing up this New Moon. Puting his foot down and flipping the bird.  Libra wants the prettiest, most civilized outcome.  Mars could care less, it’s not afraid of confrontation. 

Responsible Saturn and probing Pluto are In Capricorn with expanding Jupiter exerting control. Or tyring to.  We are all at the masquerade now.

Saturn ate his own kids. That’s not a good sign. Jupiter in the mix is really shining a great big beam of truth on these terrible times. It helps to laugh, he who laughs lasts. 

Positive Pluto wants to heal and evolve.  The underworld Pluto dreamed up the idea of eugenics and helped inform Hitler’s hankering to conjure a superior race.

Luckily, Venus is trine the situation. Softening it.  Maybe adding a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.   Makes me think of the lyric : She ain’t pretty, She just looks that way.”  Authenticity is not Venus ruled Libras forte,they are wired to compromise. But it makes things nicer. On the outside.

Mercury retrograde is reviewing in the realm of Scorpio.  Scorpio knows where the bodies are buried.  Now is the perfect time to excavate your psyche. Clean the closets.  Exercise the demons. Cut the cords. This is how you start fresh.  A yes, a fresh start.  

The Sun dives into Scorpio on the 23rd.  More fun in the underworld.  So much fodder for our deepest fears to flourish. But we are brave. We come on a mission. We can face fear and elbow it right in the nose, we are not falling for it. Face your fear and it will fall away.

For the next 6 weeks we will be granted razor sharp insight and incredible resilience. It is time for our transformation.  Little caterpillar you are meant to be a butterfly, metaphorically.

Do the work, however hard, and you will be dazzled by the magic of manifestation. 

Ride the waves of change now.  You came here to get this done. It’s time!