Scorpio Full Moon May 7th- 2020 -There is nothing to fear but fear.

Scorpio Full Moon May 7th- 2020 -There is nothing to fear but fear.

Intense Scorpio Full Moon May 7 , 2020. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.  You can hold the truth down now about as easily as you can hold a beach ball underwater. Futile! Get a move on. Zoom on through the five stages of grief -It’s time to build a new life. A lot is going on. Or down. It’s Happening.

One of Scorpio’s main urges is to understand the deep down past life galactic truth of things, disincarnate entities and all. It wants to look into the shadows, to shine the light in the dark. To be brave enough to look and to see and to know, to acknowledge the truth is often all that is needed to initiate the healing. On person speaks up and then the other person can raise their hand and say #Metoo. It’s when we look away that we innocently implicate ourselves with something sinister. 

This moon is opposite the steady Taurus Sun which is not so steady with Uranus crashing the lounge on the beach party.  Mental Mercury is there too.  Not happy,  agitated with this Scorpio moons insistence on talking about things unpleasant.  It’s hard to enjoy the afternoon with visions of pizzagate swimming in your head.  Truth is a kick in the teeth. 

Neptune is in a harmonious connection with this Full Moon. Neptune is a multifaceted shape shifting kind of energy. We all have our ways of escaping. At this time in history there are more ways than ever.  With this energy we could be wonderfully creative and exquisitely psychic. We do need to keep clear how sensitive we are now.  Clear your energy regularly. Clear it of others thoughts and fears and rejoin yourself in your center. In your heart. 

Mars is Squaring this Moon. Mars in Aquarius is not enjoying the emotional reactions to things. The realm of intellect and speculation feels better than sobbing on your knees.  But humans be humans and when something we love is taken away we cry, and it’s ugly, and that’s beautiful. Don’t run from what’s real. Don’t fall for a lie.

Venus is in clever Gemini enjoying Mars in dissident Aquarius. There is a flow in this.  We are alone together. Our urge to get out and about might very well outweigh our desire to do the right thing.  The right thing seems to change from one moment to the next, like science.  

You could meet someone interesting. Online even. And have so much to talk about. Like minded companions unite, drawn together like magnets. Love in a dangerous time.

In Structured Capricorn, lending support and blessing this Moon,Is Jupiter and Pluto. This is big powerful energy. Jupiter is benevolent,  a freedom loving truth seeker. Pluto rules the underworld. Traumatized fear filled folks are easy to shame into submission. But, what rises from trauma acknowledged is power. I do believe we are being made aware of the need to fight for our own sovereignty. To wake up and see that we need to take back our power. This will be a different story for all of us. It is your story.

A wealthy healthy world can be born of this.  Don’t look away.  Broken hearts can heal. Don’t look away.

Write down your feelings.  Feel your feelings. Clear and flowing they will guide you to your most wonder-full life. Release what no longer supports you on your path.  The Journey is unpredictable and foreseeable.  Blessings be before you!