✨ Moon in Cancer? We raised our hands for this☝

✨ Moon in Cancer? We raised our hands for this☝

The Moon is New in emotionally intense Cancer on July 20, 2020. Our feelings lead the way to our happiest life. Just let them flow.  Future seeing Jupiter, deeply healing Pluto and do it right the first time Saturn are opposing this Sun Moon.  We are pulled between two worlds. Somehow we must choose both.  This is the nitty gritty work of waking up. Of evolution. We raised our hands for this.

Cancer is the Mother, the nurturer that feels, senses. There is a pull between our place at home and in the world.  A negotiation is in the works, an integration.  With the Sun Moon and Mercury in Cancer our instincts are strong.  Our feelings are communicative. We can’t help but listen.  Where are you being called to Mother, to listen, to feel, to sense?  Have you seen any red flags, sensed if anything is off?

Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn are all retracing the steps they have taken since the beginning of this year. A powerful mix of energy concentrated in Capricorn, our structure , our traditions, our institutions: finance, medicine, education, are all being torn asunder. The angels sing!  

Pluto is exposing the dark and Jupiter is expanding our consciousness.Saturn in the mix adds to the ability to work through it.  To see the endgame and stick with the process. The work is  heavy.  The work is pivotal.  

Shimmery Neptune trines this New moon in Cancer. Watery sensitive energy helps us tune our empathy.  An instinct to protect is strong.  Our feelings are powerfully telling. A sense of peace and calm is possible when you tap into the spiritual energy of it all. A knowing it is all going to work out.  What comes next is better. Tap into your magic, shift your perspective. Work with Light Lightworker. 

Another notable placement during this time is the South Node conjunct the Galactic Center.  What can we pull from the past to guide us in the future? What skills have we previously developed? What truths are rising?   We planned for this time in history to make a contribution. To transform. To Free People.

It seems this is what is happening under the cover of chaos.  From the ashe rises the phoenix. What won’t work will work no longer. Set your new moon intentions for the next three days. Carefully consider what future to choose. What is the essence of what you want?

What would your inner wise Mother/Father offer as support? Now offer that up to you.

Well wishes to the earth, animals, and all the children inner and otherwise. ”Be the change you want to see in the world.” Step into power. Love.