Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: ⚡The portal of swift change opens ,go through it

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: ⚡The portal of swift change opens ,go through it

The Moon in is full in dexterous Gemini. This is a Lunar Eclipse. The portal of swift change is opening. From now until mid December the storylines will change.The Lunar nodes are involved leading us in the direction we are meant to go. Destiny is in the making, a new age is dawning, new futures birthed. 

It’s a bloody mess like most births. The intensity with the year long line up of planets in Capricorn is exhausting- like we might crack. Jupiter is shining the light of truth, Saturn enforcing structure and rules and Pluto engaged in an epic power struggle. 

Soon this difficult mix of plants will shift as Saturn and Jupiter move to Aquarius in mid December.  This is a big shift. These planets have not been together in a new element in 

200 years. The density of the earth signs will release and we will be shuttled to a higher dimension. Warp speed evolution. 

Aquarius is a humanitarian rebel. A visionary change maker here to bust up the old and drag us into the new. Our heads will spin with the speed of what is unfolding. Technology is moving at a pace we can’t comprehend. Genetics will be modified. We the people are about to bound into futures unprecieved by most. Remember, change is the only thing that can be counted on. We came here to be here now.

Neptune is turning direct on the 29th, like a great ship in the sea changing direction. It is still causing trouble and obscuring the truth as it squares the nodes of the moon. This is a  heavy cloud of fog with a big glob of overwhelm to keep us fuzzy and confused. Nothing is as it seems.  This Neptunian change is heavy. The old is dissolving around us before the new appears. It’s  called the void, where anything is possible and nothing can be counted on.

Mercury is the ruler of this Full moon and it is connecting nicely with Saturn. There is an opportunity in the area of communication. Maybe hard conversations that clarify points of view to clear up misunderstandings.   Make a plan, it will be well thought out. Mercury is in Scorpio, deeply committed to understanding the truth, even if it’s just what’s true for ourselves.

Mars is adding some brave warrior umph to this moon. Now you can find your voice and tap into your fearless self. Choose to let go of feelings and beliefs that are not helpful. You get to choose what is true for you.  Freedom is your birthright. You may have been burned at the stake before but now you can say what you feel. Stand for what is right brave warrior.

For this Full moon in Gemini. Plan to release all that is not on your higher path.  Get in touch with your ideas and thoughts. Be conscious and congruent. Pull your attention from all low energy. You need to beam brightly now. We are laying the foundation of a new future. Know what you know. Laugh, play, talk, communicate your perception of reality.  Embrace your dark side, what does it want you to know? Embrace your people pleasing self too. We are living in a paradox illusion and the story is about to take a major turn. How do you want your story to go? Make it amazing.  Wishing you fearless transformation and infinite understanding.  

?Scorpio New Moon : Welcome to the underworld?Now we quantum leap? Inbox

?Scorpio New Moon : Welcome to the underworld?Now we quantum leap? Inbox

Welcome to the underworld, it’s time to quantum leap. The moon is new in Scorpio on  Saturday the 14th 907 pm pst. It is a fortunate full moon here to offer up the energy of transformation. We can rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of all the bridges burned. Old stories must die, wisked away by the wind like crisp fall leaves off the tree.

We are in the middle of deeply pivotal  times.  Jupiter and Pluto made the third and final conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th.  The others were April and June of this year. The pressure is intense. We can feel it in our bones which Capricorn rules. Old ways are dying, being replaced with the uncertain new. We are the pioneers of a new world. 

With Pluto we can reach deep down into our very own underworld. The place filled with fear and hidden suffering. Our repressed selves are rising for attention and integration. Feeling is hard but necessary to be fully functioning here on planet earth.  

If you have felt easily triggered you are tapping into the vibe of the times. Mars is turning direct after retrograding since September.  Its like tring to run in a dream but not really getting anywhere. 

Mars is charging forth in Aries, brazen and impatient. This has gone on long enough! It’s time. Now we can feel the wind  beneath our wings, and the fire under our ass.

Justice seeking Jupiter, along with power striving Pluto are strategic partners now. For a moment. The sextile to this new moon offers up unnoticed opportunities. Be ready to see what is right in front of you. Be ready to jump on up to the next level of evolution. Things are about to really get rolling. Turbulence is to be expected while we speed through time and space the last 6 weeks of the year.

We can tap into our birthright now.  We came here for a reason and that reason is by now pretty clear.  You are a point of light, I am too, all of us together wrap this earth in the frequency of love. Stay out of fear. Turn away from lies. Stand firmly in the choice of the highest possible timeline with the greatest possible joy surrounded in the most abundant love.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? What makes you joyful?  What will you create? This is your story. Begin a new chapter that starts with us rising from the ashes.