⌛Full Moon in Scorpio- 😬 Don’t be afraid to be afraid. We are leveling up.✨ Let truth find you.

⌛Full Moon in Scorpio- 😬 Don’t be afraid to be afraid. We are leveling up.✨ Let truth find you.

The Moon is full in see behind the curtain Scorpio April 26, 2021.  Scorpio is a highly psychic energy. It senses the predator before it can be discerned with the five senses. It acts decisively because it knows.

This full moon is in opposition to a powerful stellium, a big line up of  planets in earthy taurus. Taurus, our stability, has been taking a hit with system busting Uranus insisting that the old is done. Stability is found within.

The line up of planets in Taurus surrounding Uranus have us on edge.  We can feel the ground shifting beneath us, but we don’t know where we will end up.

Like teetering on the edge about to fall into the lake. Will it be refreshing and fun? or are you going to seize up when you hit the water and croak? It’s an uneasy feeling. I’m not into it.

Pluto in Capricorn is tied into this mix too. I liken Pluto here to an abusive parent. Maybe even more than abusive, downright evil- Horror story stuff. If Pluto in Cap is government and the father energy it should be there to guide and protect us.

But now, under the guise of guidance and protection, us humans are being experimented on.  We are being lied to and led like lambs to the slaughter. Thrown in the volcano while the elders celebrate the riches of their sacrifices.  The Plutocracy, the old boys , knew exactly which astrological influences to use to pull it off.  This is deeply disturbing.

Luckily, Jupiter in Aquarius is hard at work for “We the People”. When truth is engaged with so is the luck of Jupiter.  Brave souls are speaking up relentlessly. Truth is exploding on the scene, blanketing the earth with light and protection.  Truth seekers benefit greatly in times of deception. The heart lights the way.

This full moon gives us a chance to let go of that which no longer aligns with the highest timelines for you and us. . We can discern now, with the uncanny laser-like knowing of  Scorpio, that which we could not clearly see before. Now is our chance to rise from the ashes of the past.  We the People will not lay down and die today.

Use your Light, your superpower. Shine it out and around.  Us lightworkers are here to work our light.  We are locked and loaded. Don’t be afraid to be afraid.

 We are leveling up. Our foundation is solid, the earth is level and so are our heads. Trust yourself, help those that help themselves to help others. 

Neptune will connect with the moon to give a helpfull oportunity. We can trust our otherworldly guidance. We have guardians. We all do. And if we only ask, they can send us the information and opportunities to activate the most amazing synchronicities. Surround yourself with light and ask for help. Help is here. Love is too.