🔍Saturn and Mercury Go retrograde- ⚡rethink our thinking.⌛ Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius- 🔑the door to change is wide open. Beliefs are the bones of your reality.

🔍Saturn and Mercury Go retrograde- ⚡rethink our thinking.⌛ Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius- 🔑the door to change is wide open. Beliefs are the bones of your reality.

⌛️Saturn Retrograde May 23- October 10, 2021. Saturn is giving us a chance to see

If this is actually working.  Saturn will be scrutinizing several situations. He is going over the trek he has just made through Aquarius. 

There is a liberation going on, if there isn’t, there needs to be. Saturn will make certain we look back, unattached and realistic, so we can see what needs to go. New paths are built on the ashes of the old ways. This is evolution.  We are doing it.

May 26th 4:14 am PST Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.🏹

This marks the beginning of the Eclipse portal of swift change. In Sagittarius our beliefs up for consideration. Does what you believe about your reality help or hinder you?  We are creating our version of events at all times. With Sagittarius It is important to make sure we are honest with ourselves so we can be authentic with our world.  Truth does set you free. So does dancing and laughing. Do it all. Be free.

This  moon is connected to the South Node. As all Eclipses are connected to the north and south node. In two weeks we get the North Node Solar Eclipse in Gemini.  Newness is being shuttled in. The only thing that can be counted on is change.

This two week period, between eclipses, is often pivotal life changing events in life. If it hits close to home in your chart of course it will be even more relevant for you. You will see the real results within 6 months or so. The wheel of fortune is turning.

When planning your ideal future timeline. Think big for goodness sake.  Stretch yourself. Also consider what steps need taking. Saturn is at play here too. “If you fail to plan, you plan fail.”  

This Full moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and could be dramatic in some way. Luck and freedom and new healthy philosophies are formulating.

Jupiter is squaring the moon from its new spot in Pisces. It’s forcing growth that you might otherwise try to ignore with avoidance. Jupiter can exaggerate and Pisces can be so unclear.  Deception is likely, the foggy domain of Neptune works in magical ways. Go slow. Observe. Consider. Float in tubs and meander through woods.

Saturn is supporting this moon with a sextile.  Put your work hat on.  What part of life needs your effort now? How can you innovate to make things flow more smoothly?  What thoughts do you need to turn down? What new thoughts would be helpful and inspiring? Thoughts worth turning up.

We are all working to build a new world right now. This new world is better than the old one. If anybody knows new is better than old its Sagittarius. The grass is most definitely greener over there. It is the future we are making now. Build on solid ground with room to grow and add on. Like a mutable sign. Flexibility is important for a sense of freedom.

Mercury Is Retrograde on the 29th Backtracking through Gemini until June 22nd.  Another opportunity to see what’s up. How do we need to rethink our thinking? Communications can take a bit of bumpy ride as mercury is going to be fast and dualistic in Gemini. One side of Gemini can completely ignore the other in it’s own Psyche. Like crazy town stuff.  So be thoughtful. Observe.  And get busy with all the re things. Re-connect, re-organize, re-word, reconsider, remember. Would love to hear your favorite re word.

Its a good time to call all the parts of yourself back. Let go of the worries, the distractions, and find the beauty in the moment, right in front of your nose.  It is there. This earth world is amazing. It smells divine. The color of the flowers, the warmth of the sun. If you plant a seed it can grow a tree, Magic! It’s heavenly this world. So focus on the little things and practice patience. Also know you don’t know for sure.

This is a pivotal time to be alive.  I take you are in for the long haul. Here to do the work of transforming your world to transform our world.  Its go time on one level and consider carefully on another. Remember though, your intuition always knows which way to go:  You got Love in your heart and Luck on your side.

🔍Saturn and Mercury Go retrograde- ⚡rethink our thinking.⌛ Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius- 🔑the door to change is wide open. Beliefs are the bones of your reality.

🌺New Moon in potent Taurus🌷🐝🌹 Jupiter cannon balls into Pisces to expand our 🍀good fortune with a splash.🌊

The New Moon in Taurus is potent for planting the seeds of your happiest future. Taurus keeps us tuned into the Earth energy. Our senses are heightened. The simple things being joy and sustenance.

The New Moon has a lovely energizing sextile between get moving Mars and revolutionary Uranus. It is a great time to begin new things. The choices you make now are powerful so be sure to get still and clear about what you want and need to be truly happy.  

Uranus is here to shake things up. To bust apart the old and outwarn. New thoughts, ideas,

people, opportunities and situations are appearing faster than usual. The old ways are gone

nd the new timelines are filled with the electric buzz of pure potential. This is invigorating.

A sextile with Neptune gives us the opportunity for higher wisdom and creativity. We are

All exquisitely sensitive now.  Protect your energy. Send Love.

The Taurus energy is a great time to tap into what makes you feel secure and content.

Surround yourself with simple little luxuries.  Connect to nature. Spend time sensing the 

energy around you.  Eat delicious food. Wear cozy fabrics. Look at beautiful things that

 nature grew. Grounding is great for your health and happiness. 

Jupiter will be going into Pisces on the 13th. Expand your magic. Tap into your 

Creativity. Be your higher self.  The realm of Pisces can not be accessed in a linear

Way. The magic comes through when you surrender to the flow.  

May 13th Jupiter moves into Pisces until the end of July. This will give us a clue as to what

Wonderful things we will bring in when it moves into Pisces for good later this year.

We can all expand in wonderful ways. Health, Weath, Love and Creativity. Think of a big, utopian ideal scenario. Big ideas yield big results. 

There are trines all week that offer us good luck. The Sun will trine Pluto on the 17th. Great for understanding what holds us back. We can dive deep and call back all the parts of us that 

We left behind in worry or fear. We can step into power.

Venus will connect to Saturn on the 19th. We have the discipline we need to recognize what

Is valuable. How we spend our time will be important.

This is the last  week  with the sun in Taurus. The Sun enters Gemini next week on the 20th . This will be much faster paced energy. Get the details sorted. We are coming up on Mercury retrograde on the 29th so any work we do to catch up on what we let slide will pay big dividends when Mercury moves for review in a few weeks.

May is a month of big changes. The full moon on the 26th marks the eclipse season. Eclipses usher In the new and move out the old. It’s good to think ahead. What will you call in? What do you need to let go of?

During these fast moving times be sure to keep centered in your very own energy. Only you know what is best for you.  Wishing you much earthy support for this most potent new moon.

May we plant our seeds in Loving soil. May they sprout a new world of more Love.