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I have had the opportunity to teach, write, speak and even host a radio show about a subject I find endlessly helpful. It is my intention to make Astrology useful in everyday life; to share what I know to help others grow and evolve through Joy and Love rather than pain and struggle.

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My work is always solutions oriented- I don’t predict so to speak- rather empower the client to realize personal choice and power to create their reality.

Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping to foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Life in relationship with an Aries personality is an interesting, almost magical endeavor. Fiery Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, an initiator ruled by action planet Mars. Aries is a classic knight in shining armor. An imaginative sign that easily falls for the imagined ideal. Things will always start with chivalrous courting and grand gestures. Aries has visions and a purpose to pursue. The Aries soul is courageous and entirely comfortable being exactly who they are. A rare trait in our society. They are honest and straightforward. Aries is constantly changing, themselves and the situations they are in. Striving is the sort of challenge an Aries needs in life and their relationships. With Aries there is a sense of constant renewal that is exhilarating. They see how things should be and make them that way. The world of their vast imaginations is a dazzling place to be.


The negative Aries is a rude creature. A stomp all over anybody to get what they want kind of character. Impatient, loud, and bossy, Aries can be difficult to live with. One minute you are the recipient of a romantic adventure to a faraway place- the next you are being told what to do and how to do it. They seem oblivious to the world outside their own perceptions. Which makes for massive insensitivity to the feelings of others. Yet, Aries will be your greatest defender if you need them. Aries is a competitive sign. There is always an element of conflict and challenges around them, agitating them into constant movement and overall ruckus. This is the fidgety person always on to the next thing. Never really settling into anything.


Aries is loyal and loving, happier with a strong, active, independent partner. Clingy whiner with no personal interests will not do. Aries will respect a partner who is a go getter, Someone who wants things from life and is willing to work to make their dreams come true. They won’t understand sideways comments or innuendo. They need someone willing to fight now and again, They require straightforward battles with real yelling and considerable anger to feel truly alive. An Aries relationship is dramatic and passionate. Not for the faint of heart lover of routine. No other sign can be so warm and brave and interesting. A relationship with an Aries is well worth all the hustle and bustle. All that excitement reminds you, you are alive.


The Aries Aries relationship probably started with an explosion. Aries will see their soul mate when they meet another Aries. Conversations will be fast and fantastic, adventures will be ongoing and thrilling, sex will be whimsy and theater. Trouble could ensue when bossy ram gets bossy with ram. “On no you didn’t!” nobody tells Aries what to do, not even another Aries. If compromise can be achieved great heights can be reached in this exuberant relationship.

Aries Compatability

The Aries Aries relationship is fiery indeed. It starts off with an explosion. The ride is thrilling. There is passion and crazy excitement. What could be better than someone who gets you? Unfortunately the thrills won’t last. And a bossy ram is not likely to put up with being bossed around. It’s my way or the highway, no negotiations. Though it starts off promising there is really only room for one Aries Soul in a relationship. Outrageous battles will likely lead to the swift ending of this explosive, possibly dangerous relationship. Aries will be happiest with Leo, or Sagittarius.

The Aries Taurus relationship is tricky at best. Taurus likes things to stay the same. Thoughts are methodical, stable and security oriented. Aries is drawn to adventure, is often scattered and finds stability stifling. Taurus values art and beauty, comfort and relaxation. Aries can’t sit still and prefers spontaneity to luxury. Each sign is equally stubborn and the horns will clash over many things, spectacular arguments will be the norm. These two signs will not even be attracted to each other, unless there are more positive factors in their charts. It won’t take long to see the obvious- fail fast.

The Aries Gemini relationship could get hot. Like wind to a brush fire. Swoosh! Fast and furious could work for a while but neither sign can sit still for long and both are not all that into commitment. Aries needs more attention than Gemini has to give and Gemini finds the me first attitude of Aries a bore. Gemini is moody and confusing to Aries. Aries like things to be straight -forward A good friendship is possible, especially if travel is on the list of things to do- both love to get out and mingle. Otherwise, fire and air burn out.

The Aries Cancer relationship is steamy, but in a suffocating kind of way. Aries will find Cancer moody and overly controlling. This is highly irritating because Aries likes to discuss the elephants in the room and Cancer finds ways to move around them. Cancer finds Aries harsh and incredibly selfish. Both are cardinal signs, they like to be the boss and get things done, but not incompatible ways. The blend is not likely to be harmonious, but could be highly productive. Cancer likes to hold down the fort and Aries storms into action. An interesting mix for drama.

The Aries Leo relationship could really work, maybe. There will be a fiery, passionate start that could last with some work from both parties. Leo loves to be adored and will need to feel honored and cherished. Aries will find this a bother after the initial passion has worn off. If true love is here both may be willing to make the effort required. Leo has to understand Aries need for freedom and movement. Aries needs to let Leo know how adorable they are. These fire signs use knowing an intuition to navigate. Luckily they do get each other.

The Aries Virgo relationship is not ideal. Aries is action oriented and Virgo wants to think things through. Virgo is careful with finance and Aries is free wheeling. This alone could cause arguments and upset. Aries will love to be taken care of by Virgo during down times and Virgo will gladly make sacrifices as being of service is in their blood. But Virgo will find Aries self centered decision making intolerable and eventually unacceptable. This may work as friendship but is unlikely to last in the long term. Earth will smoother fire and fire will parch the earth.

The Aries Libra relationship is truly one of opposites – in fact, these two are actual opposites in Astrology. Each is here to learn from the other. Aries is action and initiation, self assertion and raw courage. Libra is constantly weighing the options, seeking balance and harmony, always considering others. Libra is gracious and polite. Aries can be rude and disinterested. Aries loves a good fight and Libra will find this distasteful. It won’t be easy to keep the balance, but if true love is in the house, it can be a relationship of real growth and expansion for both.

The Aries Scorpio relationship is all passion. Fun for a moment but soon enough Scorpio will find reasons to be jealous wanting to totally possess the object of desire. This just won’t work for Aries. Though the Scorpio loyalty and passion is hot on one level it is stifling on another. Aries will run and Scorpio will lose it. Aries loves to be out and about and Scorpio wants to hunker down in the fortress. Aries loves the drop buy, which makes Scorpio cringe inside. Such different temperaments makes life too dramatic for a healthy relationship. Find a different fish.

The Aries Sagittarius relationship could be a great partnership. Both love the outdoors and adventures. Both signs like risk and create excitement. It may take time to settle into anything truly domestic, in fact that may never happen in any traditional sense. If both Aries and Sage can learn to accept the other’s flirty nature and all or nothing risk taking, life can be grand. These two fire signs get each other, good and bad, and that can be a great blessing. Life will never be dull- these two, could change the world, making it a place of freedom and honesty.

The Aries Capricorn relationship will be a stressful one indeed. Both are cardinal signs, motivated to make things happen in the world, but their methods are as different as oil and water. Capricorn is always conscious of how things appear, image and status. Aries is not aware of such things. Aries is loud and Capricorn is quite. Capricorn is careful and Aries is reckless. Capricorn is disapproving of the Aries way and Aries thinks Capricorn is a boring rule maker. This relationship will be awkward at best and infuriating at worst. Earth wants stability and Fire wants to burn it down.

The Aries Aquarius relationship misses the mark. Aquarius is intrigued by weirdos and eccentrics. Aries prefers more sophisticated types. Aquarius is always trying to change the world and find their place in it. Aries rarely has such humanitarian goals. Aries is passionate and Aquarius off to the side, observing, formulating ideals, seeing futures. Aries is super busy in the moment, no time for the future. These two have entirely different value systems which makes it difficult to respect each other in the long run. Aquarius needs a good friend most of all and this will frustrate fiery Aries. Love lies elsewhere.

The Aries Pisces relationship could really work. Aries loves to take the lead and this is a relief to wish-washy Pisces. Pisces will like the clear forward moving direction of Aries and Aries will be happy to be the strong brave shaker in the relationship. Pisces more mysterious nature and impressive intuition will intrigue Aries. Though the same traits could be irritating if the timing is off. Aries is harsh and Pisces super soft. This will take some adjustments, but it could very well be the right combination of yin and yang to make both parties feel happy and loved.

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