🌾Virgo Full Moon- Release the goo that stops you🌈 Sun and Venus are in Pieces- Think in Magic🌟

🌾Virgo Full Moon- Release the goo that stops you🌈 Sun and Venus are in Pieces- Think in Magic🌟

The Virgo Full Moon shines brightly illuminating all the flaws in the cosmos. Virgo is an earth sign that knows exactly what earthlings need to heal. A finely tuned instrument that can sense/know the toxic causes of all that ails.  What is no longer working for you?

Uranus is at play with this full moon too. A supportive trine allows us to lean into the change. Embracing our necessary new lifestyles so we can evolve into the best version of ourselves. Uranus is leading the charge this year.  Change is the only thing we can count on. Open to receive.

Uranus is in Taurus helping to restructure our foundations. All the systems we learned to count on our crumbling. On the otherside of all this change is a whole new world. Imagine we are in the middle of a remodel of society on planet earth. It takes patience. Things are gonna be a mess for a while. Dust everywhere. Chaos. But wow, when we are through this, Magic.

Neptune is opposite this full moon creating a confusion and doubt on one hand and a deep

Spiritual understanding of what we are doing here.  We did plan to be here now. To know what we know. To be who we are. To shine.

The full moon in Virgo is the perfect time to release unhealthy habits.  You want to be strong and solid in your body. Virgo is a discerning Earth sign with a deep connection to all things natural healing. The Earth provides what we need to flourish and thrive. 

What natural remedies can you use to bring balance back to your system? Ask yourself this. You have all the answers within. Your Higher Self knows and so do you.

Be sure to get plenty of rest when you need it. Follow the flow of your energy, trust it. Allow yourself what you need. Move your body to strengthen it. Pilates is a Virgo activity,helping to align all your joints and lengthen all your muscles. It is precise and can be done with nothing but a soft spot on the floor. Whatever calls to your specific energy is what you need.

Venus and the Sun are in Pieces now too. Venus can really settle into this energy. It’s soft, dreamy and romantic. It loves to create things of beauty and indulge in the pleasure of the earth plane: Sunsets, fluffy clouds, aurora boreals.This world is just so so so magical. So entirely beautiful.  

Wishing you a productive Virgo full moon. A healing last stretch of winter. The seeds are almost ready to sprout.  Much is going on beneath the surface for all of us. Witness the magical mystery. This work is important. 

Meet Hillory

Meet Hillory

Hillory Skott is a consulting Holistic Astrologer. She first discovered Astrology in the Mid nineties. Her passion for freedom, answers and solutions naturally led her to hear the call of Astrology. Hillory has come to believe the earth is flat and your birth chart is a map to the Akashic records, a blueprint for this lifetime, and the lessons and learnings of all your lifetimes past and parallel. Understanding your chart makes life make sense.

Hillory has a busy practice with an international clientele. She provides content and consultations designed to clarify your Soul’s purpose and potential for this lifetime. She has a particular fondness for working with the galactically aware Star seeds. And, working with clients to understand the dynamics behind human relationships.

Hillory hosts the Everyday Astrology Podcast and writes a weekly blog to help keep you in tune with the positive flow of the Cosmos. She lives with a grateful heart outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada tucked into the hills with her handsome, handy Hubby, their talented artist daughter and 3 quirky dogs. She envisions a world awake, thriving and full of Love.

🌕 Full moon in creative Leo: 💖Your heart knows 🔬Mercury Goes Retrograde: Review to renew. Venus ➡♒ values shift- humans matter💫

🌕 Full moon in creative Leo: 💖Your heart knows 🔬Mercury Goes Retrograde: Review to renew. Venus ➡♒ values shift- humans matter💫

January 27- February 2, 2012:The Moon is full in Sun ruled Leo. The full moon shines a big bright light on all that we happily repress. It is our chance to get in touch with our true hearts desire. Our Authentic selves deserve a place on the stage. Mercury goes retrograde forcing a review and Venus moves into humanitarian Aquarius. The pressure is on, roll up your sleeves.

Venus and Pluto are feverishly collaborating in Capricorn. What is your passion? More importantly, what is your plan to fulfill that passion? Our true values are front and center, and with the Capricorn energy so pronounced our vision into the future is sober and clear. So think big. And think carefully. What is it you want to manifest with the time you have left on earth? 

Uranus and Mars are complicating matters. Uranus is already uncomfortable in stay the same Taurus. Mars does not enjoy its time in Taurus either, so slow to act. This is stressful to say the least. Frustration, anger, deal breakers. It’s happening. 

The Taurus energy can usually be counted on but with Uranus there, nothing can be counted on but change. If you feel like blowing up. Count to ten. Squares force growth. We are growing like pros right now. Deeply buried rage might just make an appearance. Resistance is futile.

Boss man Saturn, justice seeking Jupiter and the authentic Sun are all in opposition to this full moon. We are caught in a tug of war situation. This or that is what we feel but integration is what we need to accomplish. Uhg, integration is no funzies, almost impossible, but overdo and necessary. Jupiter and the Sun are having a hug in Aquarius. They agree, it’s time to save the world. Stand up for humanity. Speak your mind.

Luck will follow your efforts to make a difference for the greater good of all Earthlings. Send Light and Love to the planet, to the people. Burn off the planetary fear with your big beams of loving light. We came for this. Our tool belts are full of solutions that absolutely make a difference. You make a difference. Nice work. High Five.

Mercury is also going retrograde January 30 to February 21, 2021. You know the drill: review, renew, redo. All the re words have power in the retrograde. Look forward to finding lost things and putting to rest the undone. Avoid signing contracts, buying electronics and booking travel- lol, travel, remember that thing humans used to be able to do?

Venus moves into innovative Aquarius. The future is now. Or at least one version of it. Venus in Aquarius values humanity. Connects to the galactic nature of reality. Our values are morphing, our senses crackling. We know what we know. We can’t unknow it. Now, the question is: How will you be of service? What role can you play to assist the collective evolution of our planet?

This is a tumultuous time to be alive. It can be dramatic and difficult to see our way through. It is a challenge to hold space for peace and healing when all around us is fear and damaged health. 

Now is more important than ever for you to find your joy. Practice play. Lift up with laughter. Find beauty and truth and self expression. Open your precious heart. It’s time for some fun. Blessedly simple fun.

🌑🌟New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 🔍Take a proper gander at the propaganda🌍

🌑🌟New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 🔍Take a proper gander at the propaganda🌍

Monday, December 14. The new moon with a  total solar eclipse in truth seeking Sagittarius occurs at 8:17 am PST. This is a potent productive time. Mars is firing up this already firey time.  Courage rises in our hearts as we commit to new quests and dust off the truth. Ask and you shall receive. 

Neptune is still fogging up our glasses.  We can not see clearly at all times right now. Our deep spiritual selves are stirring though.  Neptune is squaring this moon and mercury in Sagittarius. We may think we have the answer but we don’t.  Retreat is necessary to clear your energy and tap into the otherworldly help available.

There may be a tendency to feel like we know it all with all this Sadge energy.  But we don’t.  Our hearts in the right place will guide us through these foggy waters.  Just know that you don’t have to know.  Not right now. 

What we can do well during this new moon is set the seeds of our intentions in fertile soil. We are all being shuttled to a new and brighter future.  It may not seem like that but this is where Sagittarius faith comes in handy.  

If the world was never going to be the same, but, you can make it into anything you want. What would that look like? More importantly, what would that feel like?  What do you want to know? What will you see? How will it be?

The south node of past karma is mixed into this stellium in Sagittarius.  It’s time to take a look at what has become of us.  What do you have in your bag of tricks earned in past incarnations? Maybe  gifts in communication or healing?  Ask yourself what you need to know and what you need to let go.

Our most important work can be done now in the realm of our thoughts and ideas.  Take a proper gander at the propaganda.  Are your thoughts your own?  Where do your beliefs come from? Do they need to change to get you to your amazing new future? 

Set your intentions down on paper this new moon.  Saturn and Venus give you the foresight to choose wisely and commit deeply.  What do you Value and how does that fit into your every day?

Our planet is ascending and we gotta go with her. Or we don’t . But lets. How exciting! This new world will come into focus very quickly this month.  As Earthbound Saturn and Jupiter head into Aquarius this week moving towards the great conjunction on the Solstice we are speeding towards a new unknown frontier.  If things are looking sci-fi now. Just wait to see what shows up.

Well wishes to you and your loved ones.  May your sight be clear and your heartlight bright.  The world needs your dreams to come true. Don’t give up but do let go. Endings are beginnings too.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: ⚡The portal of swift change opens ,go through it

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: ⚡The portal of swift change opens ,go through it

The Moon in is full in dexterous Gemini. This is a Lunar Eclipse. The portal of swift change is opening. From now until mid December the storylines will change.The Lunar nodes are involved leading us in the direction we are meant to go. Destiny is in the making, a new age is dawning, new futures birthed. 

It’s a bloody mess like most births. The intensity with the year long line up of planets in Capricorn is exhausting- like we might crack. Jupiter is shining the light of truth, Saturn enforcing structure and rules and Pluto engaged in an epic power struggle. 

Soon this difficult mix of plants will shift as Saturn and Jupiter move to Aquarius in mid December.  This is a big shift. These planets have not been together in a new element in 

200 years. The density of the earth signs will release and we will be shuttled to a higher dimension. Warp speed evolution. 

Aquarius is a humanitarian rebel. A visionary change maker here to bust up the old and drag us into the new. Our heads will spin with the speed of what is unfolding. Technology is moving at a pace we can’t comprehend. Genetics will be modified. We the people are about to bound into futures unprecieved by most. Remember, change is the only thing that can be counted on. We came here to be here now.

Neptune is turning direct on the 29th, like a great ship in the sea changing direction. It is still causing trouble and obscuring the truth as it squares the nodes of the moon. This is a  heavy cloud of fog with a big glob of overwhelm to keep us fuzzy and confused. Nothing is as it seems.  This Neptunian change is heavy. The old is dissolving around us before the new appears. It’s  called the void, where anything is possible and nothing can be counted on.

Mercury is the ruler of this Full moon and it is connecting nicely with Saturn. There is an opportunity in the area of communication. Maybe hard conversations that clarify points of view to clear up misunderstandings.   Make a plan, it will be well thought out. Mercury is in Scorpio, deeply committed to understanding the truth, even if it’s just what’s true for ourselves.

Mars is adding some brave warrior umph to this moon. Now you can find your voice and tap into your fearless self. Choose to let go of feelings and beliefs that are not helpful. You get to choose what is true for you.  Freedom is your birthright. You may have been burned at the stake before but now you can say what you feel. Stand for what is right brave warrior.

For this Full moon in Gemini. Plan to release all that is not on your higher path.  Get in touch with your ideas and thoughts. Be conscious and congruent. Pull your attention from all low energy. You need to beam brightly now. We are laying the foundation of a new future. Know what you know. Laugh, play, talk, communicate your perception of reality.  Embrace your dark side, what does it want you to know? Embrace your people pleasing self too. We are living in a paradox illusion and the story is about to take a major turn. How do you want your story to go? Make it amazing.  Wishing you fearless transformation and infinite understanding.  

?Scorpio New Moon : Welcome to the underworld?Now we quantum leap? Inbox

?Scorpio New Moon : Welcome to the underworld?Now we quantum leap? Inbox

Welcome to the underworld, it’s time to quantum leap. The moon is new in Scorpio on  Saturday the 14th 907 pm pst. It is a fortunate full moon here to offer up the energy of transformation. We can rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of all the bridges burned. Old stories must die, wisked away by the wind like crisp fall leaves off the tree.

We are in the middle of deeply pivotal  times.  Jupiter and Pluto made the third and final conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th.  The others were April and June of this year. The pressure is intense. We can feel it in our bones which Capricorn rules. Old ways are dying, being replaced with the uncertain new. We are the pioneers of a new world. 

With Pluto we can reach deep down into our very own underworld. The place filled with fear and hidden suffering. Our repressed selves are rising for attention and integration. Feeling is hard but necessary to be fully functioning here on planet earth.  

If you have felt easily triggered you are tapping into the vibe of the times. Mars is turning direct after retrograding since September.  Its like tring to run in a dream but not really getting anywhere. 

Mars is charging forth in Aries, brazen and impatient. This has gone on long enough! It’s time. Now we can feel the wind  beneath our wings, and the fire under our ass.

Justice seeking Jupiter, along with power striving Pluto are strategic partners now. For a moment. The sextile to this new moon offers up unnoticed opportunities. Be ready to see what is right in front of you. Be ready to jump on up to the next level of evolution. Things are about to really get rolling. Turbulence is to be expected while we speed through time and space the last 6 weeks of the year.

We can tap into our birthright now.  We came here for a reason and that reason is by now pretty clear.  You are a point of light, I am too, all of us together wrap this earth in the frequency of love. Stay out of fear. Turn away from lies. Stand firmly in the choice of the highest possible timeline with the greatest possible joy surrounded in the most abundant love.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? What makes you joyful?  What will you create? This is your story. Begin a new chapter that starts with us rising from the ashes.