?Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron?Be who you are! liberate your inner reject.

?Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron?Be who you are! liberate your inner reject.

The Moon is Full in Aries. Ka pow!  Self interest is natural now. Here is a chance to see how you really feel.  Brave, bold, certain.  Who couldn’t use a smidge of that? Chiron is fused with this Full moon in Aries: wounds around our sense of self come to the surface for healing.

Though this configuration ain’t easy it is productive.  The Moon and sun both square off with the stellium in Capricorn. Pluto is travelling the underworld revealing what we have turned away from. Truths we need to feel so we can heal.  Jupiter is shins bright benevolent beams of truth into the mix and Saturn is pushing us to take response-ability. Step up to the plate and commit.

Remember this is all going to be experienced from your point of view.  And there are as many perspectives as there are people. Mercury is in Scorpio now so we are all going to tend to think in more Scorpio ways.  Death is one of Scorpios most dwelled on topics:The great mystery.   Issues of betrayal,abandonment,control, and all things deep and complicated may be on your mind now.  Use this energy to do a deep dive into your very own darkness. Face your fears.

The moon is in the same degree as Chiron.  The wounded healer.  It is also the healer within us.  Wounds to your identity may be rising now. Humiliation, shame, guilt and misplaces blame are all likely to rise for your perusal.  What parts of the real you have you kept hidden away to gain approval or acceptance.  This is the part you need to feel.  What you feel you can heal.  

With the Aries energy you may feel uncharacteristically self assertive.  This is a double edged sword.  The energy is ripe for overdoing it.  You may just blow your top in an inappropriate situation.  Aries can tend to head off in their own direction without caring about

What someone else might need or want. There is a rushing energy that can create missteps and accidents. Forethought is always a good idea but when Mars rules Aries is in the mix instinct trumps consideration.  Be aware of this and you may be able to save your self some embarrassment.  

On the other hand speaking your mind from your heart can heal you on deep inner levels.  Perhaps you need to share your feelings.  Maybe a sternly worded letter would help.  

Your courage is significant and so are you.

There are blessings between Mars and Venus and Jupiter and Uranus during this Full Moon. Our efforts will heal our relationships in unexpected ways, suddenly, out of the blue. Let love lead the way. It will lead you to more Love.

Use this energy to prepare for the next new moon.  The next two weeks will clear the decks for  the best version of your highest life to manifest. There is much energy available for you to step into your power and be who you came here to be. Godspeed.

??New Moon Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer?Heal with Light.? Release with intent?. Create with Joy.?

??New Moon Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer?Heal with Light.? Release with intent?. Create with Joy.?

June 18-24  Clever Mercury back tracks in powerfully protective Cancer. The emotional Moon  is also new in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse at a critical degree, marking beginning/end. This is the summer Solstice. Venus will move Direct and Neptune will retrograde. What won’t work won’t ever work again. Set your compass to your ideal outcome, for you, your loved ones, and ones that need love. 

Cancer is a Cardinal boss lady energy.  A sensitive boss lady who knows the importance of listening within to feel all the feels.  If we ignore the critical needs our feelings communicate we go wrong.  Maybe we have all been going wrong for too long. 

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Cancer during this Solstice. The Eclipse is focusing on our deep down super real needs. We need to feel safe and cozy. We need to feel rested and well fed. We need to know how perfectly imperfect we are. How adorably lovable. We need to know this so we can move forth unhindered to actualize our unique creative purpose.  

Mercury Will be retrograding from June 18 to mid July.  This along with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all looking back, will allow us to rework things. We need to be very careful to look for the lessons. To see the truth.  Are we meeting our own needs? What kind of Mother are you to your inner child?  Needs that were not met bubble up to be seen,heard and healed.  

The Summer Solstice is just hours before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the Great Mother Cancer.  Massive unsophisticated release of primal wounds are happening globally.  We can hold still and solid for those who are on their knees. We can take them into our hearts to heal.  We are each Earthlings cleaning up our little bit , bit by bit. We can do this.

The Eclipse/New moon/Summer Solstice  occurs at 0 degrees Cancer,  a beginning point if in the Cardinal signs. For the empaths of the world this will be highly intense emotionally. We can hold the space needed for ourselves and others too. We can see what we see and know what we know and focus our brightest future into reality. We are each the Mothers that we need.

On the 23rd Neptune will go retrgorade to add its mystical energy to our journey through the past.  We can tap into our deeply spiritual selves to find our very own way forward.  Tap into the magic. Heal with Light. Release with intent. Create with Joy.

Venus will head Direct on the 24th.  This will help us move forward and create situations that are of value to us.  Venus will be in Gemini until August.  There are two sides to everything.  Listening is super important. Listen for the truth. With Gemini energy there is truth and there is lies. Both Exist. Best to just sample ideas, possibilities and narratives with a fickle grain of salt.  

Nothing is as it seems. And that is the fun of it. A shift in perspectives shifts your perspective. That is the simple magic of it. But it all depends on you.  Can you hold the space with Love? Beam what you know to those that don’t?  

To make the most of this powerful portal in time tap into all the skills you have learned to get this far.  Share them. Share your love. Share your compassion and understanding. We are moving swiftly through pivotal timelines.  We can choose,as we always have, which world we see.  Plant your seeds with Love in your Heart: plant Joy, and Abundance and Freedom and Kindness. Plant Love. Simple.

Scorpio Full Moon May 7th- 2020 -There is nothing to fear but fear.

Scorpio Full Moon May 7th- 2020 -There is nothing to fear but fear.

Intense Scorpio Full Moon May 7 , 2020. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.  You can hold the truth down now about as easily as you can hold a beach ball underwater. Futile! Get a move on. Zoom on through the five stages of grief -It’s time to build a new life. A lot is going on. Or down. It’s Happening.

One of Scorpio’s main urges is to understand the deep down past life galactic truth of things, disincarnate entities and all. It wants to look into the shadows, to shine the light in the dark. To be brave enough to look and to see and to know, to acknowledge the truth is often all that is needed to initiate the healing. On person speaks up and then the other person can raise their hand and say #Metoo. It’s when we look away that we innocently implicate ourselves with something sinister. 

This moon is opposite the steady Taurus Sun which is not so steady with Uranus crashing the lounge on the beach party.  Mental Mercury is there too.  Not happy,  agitated with this Scorpio moons insistence on talking about things unpleasant.  It’s hard to enjoy the afternoon with visions of pizzagate swimming in your head.  Truth is a kick in the teeth. 

Neptune is in a harmonious connection with this Full Moon. Neptune is a multifaceted shape shifting kind of energy. We all have our ways of escaping. At this time in history there are more ways than ever.  With this energy we could be wonderfully creative and exquisitely psychic. We do need to keep clear how sensitive we are now.  Clear your energy regularly. Clear it of others thoughts and fears and rejoin yourself in your center. In your heart. 

Mars is Squaring this Moon. Mars in Aquarius is not enjoying the emotional reactions to things. The realm of intellect and speculation feels better than sobbing on your knees.  But humans be humans and when something we love is taken away we cry, and it’s ugly, and that’s beautiful. Don’t run from what’s real. Don’t fall for a lie.

Venus is in clever Gemini enjoying Mars in dissident Aquarius. There is a flow in this.  We are alone together. Our urge to get out and about might very well outweigh our desire to do the right thing.  The right thing seems to change from one moment to the next, like science.  

You could meet someone interesting. Online even. And have so much to talk about. Like minded companions unite, drawn together like magnets. Love in a dangerous time.

In Structured Capricorn, lending support and blessing this Moon,Is Jupiter and Pluto. This is big powerful energy. Jupiter is benevolent,  a freedom loving truth seeker. Pluto rules the underworld. Traumatized fear filled folks are easy to shame into submission. But, what rises from trauma acknowledged is power. I do believe we are being made aware of the need to fight for our own sovereignty. To wake up and see that we need to take back our power. This will be a different story for all of us. It is your story.

A wealthy healthy world can be born of this.  Don’t look away.  Broken hearts can heal. Don’t look away.

Write down your feelings.  Feel your feelings. Clear and flowing they will guide you to your most wonder-full life. Release what no longer supports you on your path.  The Journey is unpredictable and foreseeable.  Blessings be before you!

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Taurus Full Moon:✨Full Moon in Taurus ?“The man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.”?

On November 12, 2019 we have a full moon in cozy grounded Taurus. We can tap into what holds the most value for us. Taurus ruled Venus loves Luxury and hates surprises. It is time to dig your heels in and decide to have what you want. Your ability to stick with it for the long haul is increasing. Commitment is king.

This Taurus Moon can help you build wealth. It can help you structure your reality in a way that honors your Venus need to have the best in life. Delicious food, fabulous fabrics, sublime smells. Simple is smart. Life’s little luxuries are free. Feast your eyes.

The day of the full moon has supportive aspects to help us build new foundations. Clever Mercury and the Sun are in deep down Scorpio. We can see, we can know, we can create. Our understanding is fundamental. Ideas are sticking. Long term security is part of the pay off. 

With the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio there is much success when you fuse energies with others. You each become more because of the association.  If there is something in the way of your progress you will know now.

Pluto is sextile this full moon adding to the pressure to perform. To step it up in someway.Change is not the Taurus forte but all that has been out the window since Uranus moved into Taurus in March. Nothing makes change a sure thing like Uranus.  And Pluto connecting to this moon helps us be sure we understand the roots of things so we can drop it for good. Then we can change in an all in kinda way. We can not go back.

Neptune is offering us a shimmery opportunity to make something magical practical.  We are tuned into the Cosmos now. Our guides, our own Soul and higher self is sending us inspiration that can take us to the highest expression of our current lives. 

Mars and Juptier are also connected in a way that fires up our opportunity for luck. We have vision and we have the energy to make that vision a reality. Look for unexpected opportunities. Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing! It will be obvious with Mars and Jupiter.  Maybe even exaggerated in someway. Bigger than life.

Heading up to this full moon make sure to get clear about your goals.  Especially in the areas of finance and fertility, our creativity is bubbling up, urging us to make a beautiful supportive life. Eat good food, wear cozy clothes, express your unique essence. 

Now you can feel grounded and stable. Content even.  Oh what a wonderful state to be in. We are making new realities together.  Let them be filled with Love and freedom. Let them be filled with abundance, health  and fearless self expression. And so it is!


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