Go Deep

Latest episode of The Everyday Astrology Podcast

I have had the opportunity to teach, write, speak and even host a radio show about a subject I find endlessly helpful. It is my intention to make Astrology useful in everyday life; to share what I know to help others grow and evolve through Joy and Love rather than pain and struggle.

Hillory Skott


My work is always solutions oriented- I don’t predict so to speak- rather empower the client to realize personal choice and power to create their reality.

In a typical chart reading I spend 90 minutes or so touching on what is most important in your chart. You are left with a much clearer idea of where you are right now.

Astrology is a study of life times.  Your chart will be relevant for your entire life- the planets move in transit, triggering events and understandings, urging you along in your evolution.

We can easily spend a session on one area of your chart- Simply investigating Plutos placement, for instantce. With this program we dive deep into your personal chart with 4 one on one sessions. Its fascinating and enlightening, much can be overcome with just a little planetary perspective.

 In your Personal Go Deep  sessions we will:

*Clarify your direction and learn about your Souls plan for this incarnation.

* Pinpoint the root of self-sabotage and step into your power.

* Work with the power of feeling to manifest your highest potential.

* Harness the energy of the current planetary transits to bring Love and Joy into your world.

*Understand the aspects influencing your relationships- Learn when to hold on and when to release.

*discover where your deepest fulfillment lies. Where is that luck of yours?

We can explore your chart at your own pace. If you are happy with weekly appointments that works for me- If you are interested in a monthly schedule then that is what we will do.


4 x $100 USD