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I have had the opportunity to teach, write, speak and even host a radio show about a subject I find endlessly helpful. It is my intention to make Astrology useful in everyday life; to share what I know to help others grow and evolve through Joy and Love rather than pain and struggle.

Hillory Skott


My work is always solutions oriented- I don’t predict so to speak- rather empower the client to realize personal choice and power to create their reality.

Relationships populate our lives. We are social creatures, well some of us are. You have family members, co-workers, children, clients, and everyone in between to deal with.  What is the quality of your relationships?

Astrology has explanations for each attraction and every irritation. You can plan wisely when you know what to look for- who to draw close to and who to avoid. We are the company we keep. Our relationships can lift us up or drag us down. 

FInd out how to deal with this all important aspect of life with the help of your planetary placements.

We will discuss one on one each detail of this particular topic in a 2 hour recorded consultation.


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