Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Cancer ASC

I first discovered Astrology in the mid nineties when I mistakenly borrowed a book by Linda Goodman called “Star Signs”. This was my first realization that we live in a magical world that we can playfully co-create. I believe my passion for freedom, answers and solutions naturally led me to hear the call of Astrology, even though I tried to ignore it for years.

I am a consulting holistic Astrologer. Which means I use your birth date time and place to create your natal chart. From this we can see pretty much whatever you can imagine. All that is a challenge for us can ultimately be healed and integrated using gentle natural remedies and a shift in our subconscious programming.

I have read the charts of thousands of people and through many serendipitous encounters I have come to believe your birth chart is a map to the Akashic records, a blueprint for this lifetime, and the lessons and learnings of all your lifetimes past and parallel. Understanding your chart helps life make sense.

I believe that Astrology is a gift that helps us affirm who we know we are deep down. We are magical beings with the power to work our dreams into reality, heal what is hurt and transform our world with focus and intention. Astrology puts you in touch with your birthright. Your magical self, and helps you flow with the energy of the Cosmos. Your natal chart is a present you left yourself. A map to your most amazing life lived fully from the heart.

I have an international clientele, I love working with people from all around the planet. I provide content and consultations designed to clarify your Soul’s purpose and potential for this lifetime. I have a particular fondness for working with the galactically aware Star seeds, empaths and creatives. I also love to help people understand the dynamics behind human relationships.

I host the Everyday Astrology Podcast and write to help keep you in tune with the positive flow of the Cosmos. I live with a grateful heart outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada tucked into the hills with my handsome, handy Hubby, our talented artist daughter and 3 quirky dogs. I envision a world awake, thriving and full of Love.