08.08-21.2021  We are in an dramatic time of potent change.  The New moon in Leo encourages us to plant the seeds of our true Hearts desire. The energy of the lions gate opens the same day as this New moon adding to the potent ability to create your reality. So remember: What you focus on grows.  Your attention is your power. What is it that brings joy to your heart? This is the path to pursue.

Uranus is activating this New Moon energy. Forcing you to deal with discrepancies. Urging you to seek freedom. To seek balance within the chaos around you. Teaching you  to right yourself like a gyrascope. You can do it with intention. Just a thought in your mind and you can return to center.

The first few days following the new moon on August 8th are wonderful days to connect with the dream that will make you most joyful. Intend for yourself all good things. Neptune opposes Venus on the 9th marking a day with many possibilities. Venus rules our Values and in Virgo it is likely looking for ways to naturally heal all that ails you. Seek alternative therapies. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Checking out is just that, checking out. We are here to participate and we can’t do that if we are escaping reality.

Mercury and Jupiter are having a tug of war on the 10th. Jupiter wants the truth. In Aquarius now it rules the people. The 99%. Mercury is in Leo.  Somehow we need to as our special something to the collective for the good of all.  Balance is the best place to be, even if you have to fight for it.

On the 11th Venus trines Pluto and Mercury moves to Virgo. We can get a handle on all the reasons why. Healing conversations are highly recommended.  Make space for the light of day. Inquire. On the 18th we have a conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Virgo. The stars align and you can understand why. Stay open for information that can help create healthy routines. Insights into diet and exercise are likely and the will to implement life enhancing modifications is right there for us. Lean into whatever is good for you. Align your spine.

The 19th Jupiter and the Sun are having a tug of war. This could get dramatic. A big reveal? A fight for truth and freedom. Jupiter is the truth seeker.  Always wanting more.  The Sun is busy trying to get life to work out right.  What is best for the self is often what is best for all involved. Being selfish is an altruistic act.   All the big planets are connecting to activate many areas of life at once. Its busy times. Rich with opportunity. Remember: You have all that you need to get what you want.

We are here for a reason. Take a deep breath. You are a powerful generator or reality.   One strong loving brave thought cancels out a thousand fearful thoughts.  Be the strong signal. Hold your vibration high. Love is where you come from.  Send Light to the planet and all Earthlings everywhere. Your light connects with my light and her light connects with their light. We make a protective web together. We are not alone. We are here to help. I see your light. Thank You. May all Love Surround you!

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